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Be a Farm to School & Early Care Champion

To facilitate our voices being heard and our bill rising to the top during the final negotiations of the 2019 legislative session, we are asking you to be a Farm to School & Early Care Champion and commit to take action with one or two phone calls every week. Phone calls to strategic lawmakers are the most effective way we can engage throughout the rest of session.

We need all Farm to School and Early Care champions (that’s you!) to commit to making phone calls to key legislators each week for the next six weeks. New action alerts will be posted every Monday or Tuesday with the names of strategic lawmakers to contact. A sample script is included to help you take action.

Will you commit to these weekly calls? Can you get some friends to join you in this action?

Click here to commit to being a Farm to School & Early Care Champion!


may 13 - 17 This Week’s Action: Call House Ag. Chair Poppe and Senate Chair Westrom!

We are in the final week of the legislative session!

At this point in the process, the Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader are negotiating a budget target for each major omnibus finance bill, which that gives the conference committees a direction to negotiate their bills. The negotiation at the moment is moving slowly and therefore the committees cannot really dig into their work. There are only 5 days left of the legislative session and once they reach an agreement, things will move quickly.

The Senate and House chairs are building a framework for a compromise bill so they are ready to move when they get their budget targets. We need to make sure they remember Farm to School and Early Care in their work.  

Ag. Conference Committee:


Rep. Jeanne Poppe- 651-296-4193


Sen. Torrey N. Westrom- 651-296-3826


Sample Script:

 Hello _________ my name is _____________ and I am part of a large Farm to School and Early Care stakeholders group. I care about Farm to School and Early Care because _______________(how you connect to the issue).

 As you start to build a framework for a compromise Agricultural omnibus finance bill, we ask that you invest in farmers, kids and our communities. We need you to support Farm to School.

 Please support the creation of a domestic marketing position who would work on Farm to School and the encouragement of MDA to use their AGRI grants to pilot a program that would reimburse schools and early care centers for their purchase of local foods. Neither of these provisions are in the Senate bill.

 Our kids, farmers and communities are worth this investment.


Thank you for your continued support of this bill—we are in the home stretch, and your support right now is critical!